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ALUMNI - Click here to Request Transcripts!

If your college/university requires Self-Reported Grades instead of a transcript, please follow our guideline.

Summer Before Senior Year Newsletter


Remember, the college application process is your responsibility!  Be aware of the requirements of each college and inform the Post Grad Secretary with what still needs to be completed.

Requesting College Transcripts through Naviance Video - Watch at home as it is currently a restricted site.


  • You can apply through Common App (make sure to match your account in Naviance) or apply through the college website.  
  • Make sure to read through each school's application requirements on their admissions website.
  • Request college transcripts:
    • Navigate to Colleges > Colleges I'm applying to
    • Click the Add button (Pink Plus) in the upper right 
    • Use the drop-down arrow and select which college you are applying to from the menu. Begin typing the school to see potential matches.
    • Use the drop-down arrow and select the App Type (regular, early decision, etc.) from the menu options.  This is important so we know your application deadline!
  • Use the drop-down arrow and select how you will submit your application (Common App or through the college website).  Use the check box to indicate if it's already been submitted from the menu options.
  • From this point, select either Add Application (if you're not ready to request your transcript) or choose to ADD AND REQUEST TRANSCRIPT.
    • If you select Add Application, the college is added to Colleges I'm Applying To.
    • If you select ADD AND REQUEST TRANSCRIPT, you will:
      • Select Initial to request the initial transcript.
      • Identify additional materials to be included.
      • Click Request and Finish.  The request is made and the school is added to College I'm Applying To 
  • Go to MySchoolBucks to pay the $3 transcript fee per school.  The fee is not automatically assigned to all students, so you have to use the direct link, or search for CVHS TRANSCRIPTS to add it. 
  • The last step will be for students to stop by to see Sabrina Gentry in post grad, or email her to let her know everything you intend to send (transcript, letters of recommendation, if you applied through common app).


    • If your college requires a letter of recommendation, see your counselor and/or teacher at least two weeks in advance of the deadline. Only ask for a recommendation letter if the school requires one.
      • Give teachers a copy of your resume or the Student Profile for Letters of Recommendation found in Naviance under About Me (in the upper right), Surveys From Your School
      • Request the letter in Naviance > Colleges > Letters of Recommendation > Add Request: Find the teachers alphabetically by last name.  General Requests can be sent to any college, so that's the preference.  If you want a teacher to write a letter for a specific college, let them know and request only for that college.
      • Check in with teachers after a week.  Requests will change to "in progress" in Naviance once teachers have uploaded the letter.


     Sabrina Gentry

    Sabrina Gentry
    Post Grad & AP Principal Secretary
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