Science Technology Engineering & Math

S Science, the study of just about everything in the world from exploring the depths of the ocean to the peaks of Everest it all relates to science.
T Technology, programming, coding, building, creating technology! Students will learn to build robots, code websites and much more.
E Engineering , the study of how to design and improve machines in the modern day CVHS takes pride in their engineering program fostering some of the best teachers in the state.
M Mathematics, working with numbers to create new possibilities, solve issues and forge new concepts.

Is STEM for you ?

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy offers innovative courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with a supportive staff helping all students achieve their potential while acknowledging each individual's learning style.

Envisioning education as a partnership among students, parents, staff, and community, the STEM Academy offers a program with diversified educational opportunities including engaging classroom instruction, field trips, guest speakers, and internship opportunities.

Students in the STEM Academy can take advantage of Castle View's innovative schedule to study science, technology, engineering and math concepts at a deep level with teachers dedicated to help them gain and apply skills leading to a variety of higher education and career opportunities in engineering, computer science, research, environmental science, sustainability and related fields.

Do you like…

  • Assembling & building
  • Designing products and systems
  • Doing math and science
  • Figuring out how things work
  • Inventing
  • Repairing
  • Solving problems
  • Studying designs and drawings
  • Thinking logically
  • Working with machines
  • Working with data
  • Using facts

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