CVHS Attendance Policy Acknowledgement

CVHS Attendance Acknowledgment 22-23 - English


Please follow this system as it allows for a seamless attendance process.
Below are the steps that are to be followed when communicating attendance for your student.

  1. Call attendance line: 303-387-9002
  2. Choose the correct line (early release, late arrival, all day absence) and leave a message.

Early Release
After we receive your message, we will send a pass for your student that will allow them to come to the front office to sign out at the provided time. If your student is returning for the day, they must sign back in immediately when they arrive back at the school.
If you call your student out to leave early and they do not sign out, it will not be “excused.” If your student signs out, returns later, and does not sign back in, it will not be “excused”
In order for your student to leave the school, a parent/guardian must call the attendance line and complete the steps above.

Late Arrival
If your student is arriving late, a parent must call the late arrival line and leave a message including the information asked. When your student arrives late to school, they must stop by the front office to sign in and get a late pass that will allow them into their classroom.
If you call your student in late and they do not sign in, they will not be “excused”
If your student arrives late, signs in, but we do not receive a parent call on the attendance line, they will not be “excused.”

All Day Absence
If your student is going to be gone for the entire day you will leave a message on this line. Please refrain from coming into the school to sign your student in/out instead of calling the attendance line.

Future Planned Absences of Three or More Days
For future planned absences of three or more days, the Pre-Arranged Absence Request form must be completed prior to the absence and returned to the main office at least 48 hours in advance of the absence.

Thank you for following our system, we appreciate you greatly.

Amy Cheldelin, Attendance Secretary, 303-387-9011

Eric Handke, Dean of Students, 303-387-9173