Concurrent Enrollment

 DCSD offers many concurrent enrollment course opportunities for our high school students. All of these courses are taken in our high schools with current DCSD high school teaching staff members who are also certified by the community college or university crediting the course. Students who pass concurrent enrollment classes with a grade of C or better generate a college/university transcript with those courses.

Savings for Parents
DCSD parents are saving millions in college tuition. Click on the programs below to see a more detailed view of cost savings by degree program. 

Oftentimes, students will combine Advanced Placement credits earned with concurrent enrollment college credits to achieve degrees and certification.

Credit Articulation
Colleges and universities have articulation agreements with one another, and DCSD students are encouraged to collaborate with counselors and admissions offices to see if various concurrent enrollment courses will transfer in part, or in full, to the college or university that they hope to attend.

CE courses bearing the "GT" designation carry credit that will be accepted at any 2 or 4-year college/university within the state of Colorado. 


All classes earn 3.0 college credits through Arapahoe Community College unless otherwise noted in ()

BUS 1015 Introduction to Business
BUS 1016 Personal Finance
CIS 1018 Introduction to PC Applications
ENP 1005 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MAR 1055 Social Media for Business
MAR 1060 Customer Service
MAR 2016 Principles of Marketing 

CSC 1019 Introduction to Programming: (Programming Language)

ENG 1021 English Composition I: GT-CO1
ENG 1022 English Composition II: GT-CO2
ENG 2021 Creative Writing I: GT-AH1
LIT 1015 Introduction to Literature: GT-AH2

MAT 1340 College Algebra: GT-MA1 (4.0 ACC Credits)
MAT 1420 College Trigonometry: GT-MA1
MAT 2431 Calculus III with Engineering Applications: GT-MA1 (5.0 ACC Credits)

MUS 1020 Music Appreciation: GT-AH1

HWE 1050 Human Nutrition
HWE 1062 Health and Wellness

ASL 1121 American Sign Language I (5.0 ACC Credits)
ASL 1122 American Sign Language II (5.0 ACC Credits)
ASL 1123 American Sign Language III (5.0 ACC Credits)
ASL 1124 Intermediate American Sign Language
FRE 1011 French Language I (5.0 ACC Credits)
FRE 1012 French Language II (5.0 ACC Credits)
FRE 2011 French Language III: GT-AH4
FRE 2012 French Language IV: GT-AH4
SPA 1011 Spanish Language I (5.0 ACC Credits)
SPA 1012 Spanish Language II (5.0 ACC Credits)
SPA 2011 Spanish Language III: GT-AH4 
SPA 2012 Spanish Language IV: GT-AH4

*Courses are subject to change


  • Students will purchase required textbook(s)
  • A minimal registration fee
  • Additional fees may apply to some courses and are subject to change