Leadership, Global Studies, and Communication

L Leadership, a vital trait necessary in anyone who wants to succeed, its is a core part of LGC and one of the skill sets that will be thought within the academy. If you want to learn to lead join LGC. G Global, viewing things on a global scale can provide multiple views and angles of a situation. LGC zeros in on how you can impact the world and how it will impact you. C Communication, understanding how we communicate with others and how others communicate with us is essential to succeed in life. The C in LGC represents LGC's commitment to spreading that message.

Is LGC for you ?

In the Leadership, Global Studies, and Communication Academy, students are prepared to enter the global economy with the necessary skills to understand the world around them, communicate effectively, and take action in local, national, and global issues. LGC students can gain real world experience working with business professionals, journalism experts, and people of diverse cultures to foster leadership skills and develop an in-depth understanding of the world. LGC students are leaders in the building as well as the community around them.

All students in the LGC Academy will receive a solid, fundamental education in core areas including English, math, social studies, the sciences, and the arts. From there, students may choose to take electives offering a variety of experiences both relating to civics, government, and communication as well as the various other electives offered at Castle View High School.

Do you like…

  • Global engagement
  • Debating issues
  • Discussing philosophies
  • Helping others
  • Teaching
  • Improving the community
  • Exploring world cultures
  • Civics & Government
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking a foreign language
  • Traveling
  • Answering important questions

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