Parking Information

This letter outlines the upcoming parking permit process and highlights some significant changes to the student parking process for the 2021-2022 school year. We encourage parents and students to read the  following information carefully. 

Castle View has 589 spaces designated for students. The school issues approximately 750 permits annually in  an attempt to accommodate as many students as possible while balancing available space. While the parking  lot may appear to have open spaces at times because of off-periods and absences, students often encounter a  full lot, which encourages them to park illegally on end-caps or in the surrounding neighborhoods. This causes safety concerns for our student drivers and community in addition to blocking access to our fire lanes.  As a result, we are intentional about the number of permits we issue. A parking permit allows access for  students to use our campus parking lot, but it does not guarantee a parking space. 

Student parking is located to the back and athletic lots on the east and south sides of the building. Only seniors and juniors have the opportunity to purchase a permit. To accommodate as many drivers as  possible, and to alleviate neighborhood congestion, students CANNOT purchase a permit unless they have  obtained their driver’s license. Once they have their license, they can complete the application process and  check with our bookkeeper to see if permits remain available. 

Parking Permit Purchase Process: 

  • Beginning August 2nd, students must complete all student parking contracts through the online application. A link is available on the CVHS website but will not go “live” until August 2nd.

  • Students must provide the student’s driver’s license number, license plate number, and make/model/year/color of the vehicle(s) the  student will drive to CVHS on the contract. Once applications are complete, the parking permit fee will be available for payment on your MySchoolBucks account. Permits will not be distributed until the payment has been received.

    • Note- we ask all families to provide information on a minimum of two vehicles the student may  drive to school to assist in reducing incorrect tickets. 

  • Students with any fines or fees, including from the current school year, ARE NOT eligible to purchase a  permit.

  • Payment for parking permits will only be available for purchase online. Families pay all parking fines/fees through MySchoolBucks.

  • The cost of a permit is $50.  If purchased in the second semester, the cost is $25.

  • Families may arrange payment plans through the Bookkeeper on a case-by-case basis with the approval of Mr. Kellerman, Dean of students. 

Purchase/Distribution of Parking Permits: 

  • Applications take 24 hours to process. Upon approval, an invoice from MySchoolBucks will be placed on the account. Once that is paid, students will be able to receive their permit. 

  • Those students who complete an application but do not receive approval will receive an email explaining necessary steps for approval.

  • Students must present a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance in order to receive their permit.

  • Any failure to complete or provide any of the items listed above will delay the permit process.

  • Families may direct any questions related to this process to Ben Kellerman, Dean of Students ([email protected]). 

Distribution Schedule Information: 

  • SENIORS ONLY - August 2nd - 6th

    • Permits will be available for pick up during registration.

  • JUNIORS AND SENIORS – Beginning August 9th until permits are sold out

    • Permits will be available for pick up outside the theater from 8/9 - 8/18.  After that time permits can be picked up at the Bookkeeper’s window.

  • Students may pick up their permits before school, after school, during lunch, or during an off period. STUDENTS MAY NOT LEAVE CLASS TO OBTAIN THEIR PARKING PASS.

  • We will continue to sell permits until we have sold all 750. After we have sold out, we will begin a wait  list for any Junior or Senior that would like to purchase one. As permits become available throughout  the year, we will notify those students. 

We appreciate your support and understanding during this process. By the end of the school year, CV will  have approximately 1,500 students of driving age and, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate that number.  We continue to evaluate the number of available spaces during each class period throughout the year and will  offer more spaces if we are able. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.