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Program Overview

Relationships ♦ Rigor ♦ Relevance

Welcome to the Castle View High School Senior Internship program! Although senior internships are not new to the Douglas County School District, the nature of the 21st century school reform implemented at Castle View High School makes internships an integral part of the curriculum. The program is designed as a capstone of the student's academic experience.

Incorporating an internship experience is important to Castle View High School's R3 philosophy: Relationships, Rigor and Relevance. One of the most important skills in life is the ability to collaborate with other people. The program provides an opportunity to build a strong mentoring relationship with a teacher at Castle View High School as well as a career professional at the internship site. Internship mentors provide a model for real world problem solving and standards of excellence. Contacts made during the internship open doors to future educational and career opportunities.

The internship is a rigorous educational experience requiring the student to think critically and demonstrate what he/she has learned and can do using authentic assessments. This program supports the goals of the Douglas County School District to create responsible citizens who contribute to society through the use of critical thinking, self-motivation, application of knowledge and skills, demonstration of leadership and embracing ethical principles.

The internship experience bridges the gap between classroom experiences and actual work environment. The relevance of course work can be understood when academic content is applied to real world problems and situations.

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Internship placements are student driver based on a student's personal qualities, performance histories, areas of career focus or interest, and academic preparation. Since placements are personalized, based on each student's requests, there is not a list of companies to choose from. Students are expected to research potential sites and work with Mrs. Hancock to get the placement set up. This set-up process takes place about 4-6 weeks prior to the internship start date.

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Each intern, in cooperation with his or her site mentor, is expected to develop and complete a special project of significance and enduring value to the agency. The intent is to do something meaningful that gives back to the internship site. The project also provides the intern with an opportunity to demonstrate and improve his or her problem solving and communication skills.

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The purpose of the final presentation is to demonstrate the student's proficient use of oral communication skills, the ability to complete research to support a project and present information in a rational and logical way using technology and presentation skills.

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